Wavell Hinds


I have known Andy for over 4 years in my capacity as an international and professional cricket player.

Andy was my coach for the two seasons I was contracted to Derbyshire Cricket Club and based on his work, I would rank him as one of the best coaches I have had the honour of working with.

Andy has distinguished himself as a coach with a strong vision who has always been able to set clear goals for the team and individual players. I have witnessed his ability to improvise, innovate and to think outside of the box. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge which allowed him to not only instill basic cricketing skills but more importantly to analyze, strategize and provide technically sound advice.

Andy has excellent and effective communication skills. This was evident by the manner in which he articulated what he expected of us as players. He listened to our opinions and also acted as our counsel. This enabled him to enjoy the trust and confidence of the team which he further cemented by instilling a sense of team spirit and cohesiveness among team members.

I can equivocally say that Andy will help to strengthen the dynamics of any team that is fortunate to have him as their coach.