Wayne Madsen



I met Andy in 2008 when I first trialled for Derbyshire CCC. Our work together really started in July 2009 when I started playing for the 1st team with Andy as 1st team coach.

My first impression of him was how hard working and organised he is. He was the first at the ground in the morning and the last to leave, he was certainly well respected by the team, for the time and knowledge that he gave to each individual player.

On a personal level, my game has developed immensely while working with Andy. He has guided me both as a coach and as a friend. We spent hours in the nets and on the computer improving my batting and Andy knows my game as well as I do. His technical and tactical knowledge has been instrumental in my batting and fielding development over the past 3 years. Andy doesn't leave anything to chance. He uses every asset that is available to him in order to help his players and ultimately the team.

Andy is at the forefront when it comes to using technology to assist his players.

Andy is a fun, bubbly person. He relates extremely well to people and as a result is an exceptional


Any team or player that has the opportunity to have Andy as their coach will benefit from a

great coach and a special friend!